Strange Tastes in #Korea

It seems that South Korea is the testing bed for a lot of companies.  Baskin Robbins is a prime example.  Every year there is always new flavours that they introduce.  Now, let’s add some weird tastes to ice cream and who knows, maybe it’ll be a hit and they’ll sell it on their regular menu?  I just kinda shake my head and wonder where they come up these things.

Exhibit A:   Green Tea Tiramisu

Yup, you read that right.

I’m not really a big fan of Tiramisu.  Its ‘ok’ as far as desserts go but it will never be better than a good old-fashioned fresh-baked Apple Pie, imnsho.  My wife tasted it, she didn’t’ like it.  I might try and taste it next time but not this time.  I will say that I have tried green tea gelato and was surprised at the creaminess of it.  It wasn’t horrible, maybe even a little pleasant but I felt that if I ate a whole bowl of it, I wouldn’t feel well after as compared to some nice chocolate ice cream.

I won’t even go into details on the broccoli & carrot or the tomato & cheese donuts that Dunkin Donuts had last year…..definitely did NOT try those.