I’m rather sickened at this: “Run again, and you’ll get a knife in the stomach.”

An outsider might cringe at what’s happening on the island, said Han Bong-cheol, a pastor in Mokpo who lived on Sinui for 19 years until June. “But when you live there, many of these problems feel inevitable.”


This is utterly disgusting.  You think North Korea is bad (well, I suppose they are when your family is killed because you defected) but in such modern days, how can this even go on?!

You might want to pass this around.  Shaming this country is the only way things get done because even the locals and officials knew about this and yet nothing was done!  Man, I knew Korea had a lot of growing up to do but this…this is insane.

“Late last week the government responded with a violent crackdown.”

Now, South Korea has emerged as a behind-the-scenes actor in the crackdown. The embassy admits that in recent weeks it has been running a backdoor campaignto protect Korean business interests. This campaign has included turning to the brutal and battle-hardened Cambodian military to implement security measures.

Seoul and Phnom Penh maintain a brotherly bond that goes beyond money. South Korea’s previous president was also an economic adviser to the Cambodian prime minister. Korea was the first democracy to congratulate the ruling party on an election July 2013 election win that human rights groups say was loaded with irregularities — and that sparked the wave of labor and political demonstrations that ended late last week.

I kinda knew that locally the Korean Gov’t was still way behind in dealing with Unions and human rights issues but see/read about this in other countries it is now obvious to me they are no better than countries like the US.

Even the Koreans think so too.  From a Facebook Post(also includes a video of some military violence, be forewarned)

Unye Jung As a Korean, I’m truly sorry to Cambodian people for inhumaine reaction of Korean gouvernment.
I’m deeply touched by your action in group against electoral corruption and injustice. We Korean fight against corruption of presidential election too. But no Korean principal press delivers the news against the gouvernement on TV nor radio.
I feel really shame on Korean soldiers engaged to this violent repression. I support you and wish your victory.