Well, well, well….

It’s been awhile since I posted here, let’s catch up a bit.

Before I left South Korea, I went to the UK for two months. Then came back, spent the rest of the time in South Korea before returning to Canada.  Then after being for a while, I decided to go BACK to the UK for another 5 months(just pics) and had a great time there.

When I came back to Canada, I moved to Ottawa as my Ex(more on that) had gotten a job there.  I’m always up for trying new cities so off I went.  7 months later I realized that our marriage just can’t work anymore.  So I left and returned back to Hamilton.  Been here ever since.

It seems that I’m not collecting Volvos.  Ever since owning my 2002 S40, I kinda had this idea of getting an older Wagon.  While that job market here for me has sucked big time, I just couldn’t go out and buy one.  Yet life is funny, some guy actually gave me one!

So here is my 1990 Volvo 240DL Wagon

She needs a lot of work.  Here’s the basic list so far:

Now you see why I got it for free. :D

So the goal with this car is to get it fixed up and take trips in it.  The rear is rather huge (75 cubic feet with rear seats folded forward/74 inches(6ft)/188cm) length).  So sleeping in the back will work for me as I’m just a bit under 6ft. :)

So my ‘story’ will continue :)