Well THAT escalated quickly!

I’ve been known to get pretty engrossed into my work to the point of snapping at people when I right in the middle of figuring something out.  I mean, who hasn’t really?  You are watching a movie and right when you are learning out that the bad guy is really the good guy’s brother you get a phone call/your spouse asks you take out the garbage/your kid wants to play anything that completely ruins your state of mind is pretty darn frustrating….but to kill a child just so you can play a game…well, that’s rather pathetic.

SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korean police charged a man on Tuesday for the murder of his 2-year-old son after he confessed to suffocating the child so he could leave the house to go back to playing games at an Internet cafe.

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The Claw Game!

I am pretty sure most of you have seen Toy Story.

Well, was walking down the street and kinda saw a different version of the Claw Game.

From Korea Random 2012

A closer look reveals something just not quite right with this game.

From Korea Random 2012

Seriously Korea? Food?