What can you do with 10Kg (22lbs) of Sweet Potatoes?


Why make sweet potato fries of course!

My wife’s co-worker’s father had a farm and for 15,000won (about $15), we got a ton of them!

Will post pics of fries when done :)

Time and money management while on vacation

Too many people go on vacation with credit cars and even loans, then spend years trying to pay it off.  I once heard T Harv Eker say “You are borrowing from your future to pay for your past!”  Since we left Canada, we have only owned pre-paid Mastercards.  I feel these are a much more sane way to use a credit card as the only amount available on the is what you put there.  This makes you much more aware of your finances as you generally don’t want too tie up large sums of cash just sitting around in MCs account and letting them collect the interest.  So you usually only have a couple of hundred there for casual use and “pay” your credit card when you know more will be needed.  The only downside it’s that it can take a few days for the money to transfer.  This is done on purpose by the banks because it’s not a technical lack that the transfer is so slow. This slowness allows the money to sit in some bank account, collecting interest from it’s use I’m sure, by the banks and/or credit companies.  How do I know this?  Because in South Korea, bank transfers are the norm.  Handing out bank accounts is perfectly acceptable and common practice to move money and it’s instantaneous.

Now, back to vacations.

So, we came to Malaysia with some money on the card and the rest in cash.  No, we don’t walk around with it all in our pockets.  We do make use of the safe provided in the rooms we book.  Mitigating any potential problems due to loss of money.

Unless you are in an all-inclusive resort, you really don’t know how much you will need.  You can book rooms ahead of course, search online for other peoples experiences but it’s really only clear once you are in the place you are going. We have come to the point where we really have to manage our money carefully. The “holiday honeymoon” phase is over. That’s the state where your are in a new pace, want to experience new things, so you spend. With 8 days left, we can’t afford to just spend as we please now. We haves booked all the places we need to stay now but we are just not going to do any frivolous trips. While that one day trip was nice, it also was pretty expensive, relatively speaking.

Luckily the only things we have top spend money on is food, and food is pretty cheap here. We have averaged less than $20/meal for the both of us and we have eaten pretty good! So we will have a roof over our heads without worry. Extra stuff to do? Not sure, but we won’t be lacking of things to see and stories to tell regardless :)

Like this funky coloured Red Bull can.


I had to try it out. Tastes just fine and a cute little can too.

Back home if you wanted milk in your coffee our tea, you would say “coffee with milk” our “tea with milk”. Not so much in the east. Both Korea and other Asian countries we have been to call them “milk coffee” or “milk tea”. Annoyingly, at those “instant” machines in Korea, you can get “milk coffee, milk tea, sugar coffee, sweet tea[same thing]” but you can not get “coffee with milk and sugar”! Really annoying. So I get one of both and just mix :/ Here in Malaysia you also see “white coffee”


This is actually sweet, which leads me to reaffirm the belief they use condensed milk. This tasted just fine and cost 2.60 Ringgits, or about $0.83.

So right now we are just killing some time before getting on a bus to Penang at 4pm. Lunch is at The Chicken Rice Shop.


We got the 2 Combo Chicken deal. One chicken is Honey BBQ and the other is Crispy Roast. Total cost, 17.20 Ringgits, or about $5.50.


For the cost, this was a decent meal.

Morning and breakfast in KL

We woke up early to get breakfast and plan our day.


Old Town coffee seems to be a chain here.  White Coffee is milk-coffee.  I asked for extra sugar but I think they used condensed milk as the coffee isn’t bitter at all.  It is ok to drink as is.


And a good western-style breakfast.  Since Malaysia and another country dominated by muslims, the sausage is chicken-based.  No ketchup but I got a aside dish of chilli sauce.


First night in Kuala Lumpur

Having arrived here late in the afternoon, we obviously could not do much.  So we went to our hotel.  Little did we realize that our hotel was in “Little India” of KL.  This was awesome as i love Butter Chicken.  So tonight, was a good night.


And I couldn’t resist this pic.


Yes, that’s a baby shaving….