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These tasted utterly disgusting. At first it was just OK, but a couple of them tasted like I was eating plastic! That probably explained why my stomach was feeling off all weekend. Won’t buy those again.

What to do with 10Kgs of Sweet Potatoes (part 2)

It sends the Korean sweet potatoes are a little different but in the end, they turned out ‘ok’.  The darker ones were on the top track of our connection oven, so the cooked a little better.

The recipe is simple.  Slice,  toss in bowl with olive oil,  add spices then if you wish,  bake at. 230C for 15mins per side (YMMV),  serve with cajun-spiced mayo ;)

What can you do with 10Kg (22lbs) of Sweet Potatoes?


Why make sweet potato fries of course!

My wife’s co-worker’s father had a farm and for 15,000won (about $15), we got a ton of them!

Will post pics of fries when done :)