Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

The official Cherry Blossom festival in South Korea is in Jinhae.  It is not far from us at all, so we met up with some friends and drove on over.  I was expecting things to be significantly busier but was pleasantly surprised it was reasonable and only got rather busy by the time we were ready to leave.

A trip to Busan

We took a trip to Busan with some friends for the International Dance Festival.  We were pretty disappointed because I think all the good acts went on first.  Otherwise, a cool place to hang out.

The Butterly Festival, Hampyeong, #South Korea.

So this weekend was a truly awesome one.  We went to Hampyeong to a butterfly Festival.  A note of warning, if you are going there just to see butterflies, you will be sorely disappointed.  Feel free to count the number of pictures I have with real butterflies in them and figure out a percentage versus reality of their existence at said festival.

A couple of videos too.