Edge of Sacheon, #South Korea at Dusk

My wife likes to run. She has been fortunate enough to find another foreigner who is both local and likes to run also. Me, not so much. So I take my bike for a ride then :) And being on the edge of town, you get some really nice clear views of the surrounding mountains. Enjoy the views ;)

My wife and her friend jogging ahead of me.


Went for a walk tonight

After my wife came home, ate supper, did a little unpacking, we went for a walk. I hadn’t been out all day. I got this neat little app on my Galaxy Tab that can record walks/bike rides.

I walked with MapMyRide! Distance: 2.81km, time: 44:13, pace: 15:44min/km, speed: 3.81km/h.


I’m going to see how many I can record and compile a competitive map later this summer.