Oh you want free work? Sure, right after a word from our sponsor….

What the hell? Why can’t this method of marketing just die already?


A stupid commercial about an even stupider movie.  Not even gonna name it.

And you wonder why people hack for free Internet….

It’s the subtle things

Ever since being in the UK,  I am constantly reminded of the little things that I really enjoy. The place where I’m staying,  the current residents (flat mates) play a local radio station (102.8 Diverse for diversefm.com).   The music is in a unique range,  some where between chill out and  dubstep. Not quite hitting either but a rather comfortable middle ground,.   Worth checking them out on their website to listen to them live.

It’s not so much the genre but that is in English. Understanding the words does bring a subtlety that isn’t present in listening to  k-pop.  Don’t get me wrong,  there is a lot of that loan did that I enjoy but it is just that much better to hear music you can understand and then while you are out,  hearing some of the classics you know (like  Phil Collins : I can’t dance,  Lenny Kravitz : Are you going my way….).

I was never really into a lot of online radio stations,  nor am I the kind who likes to RENT songs from Apple/any other online music retailer.  Jango.com is about the only thing I have listened to but it’s not quite the same and it seems they only get away with paying “live” versions of any modern song. I only like  live songs when….. well,  when they are live.

The things you realize while living in a totally foreign environment.

Cameras, cameras everywhere

First there was the camera on the Airbus A380 tail fun showing you the top of the plane,  then there were the  CCTV cameras that are everywhere in England,  now for some reason,  there is a camera on the front of our bus,  which I understand,  but why are they showing it to the passengers?


I mean,  I don’t need to what is immediately in front of the bus.  It’s not like I’ll be able to see my so and ring any bell.  Is this the new entertainment for passengers?

In any case I’m in off to Stevenage to meet some board gamers as well as check out another town. Let’s see if I can get back with less difficulties.  I should as it is only one his and not a confusing about of trains and interchanges.