S. Korea Soldier Sentenced to Death for Killing 5 Comrades – NYTimes.com

Shooting rampages by bullied soldiers are not unusual in South Korea, which requires all able-bodied men to serve about two years in the military in the face of threats from North Korea.


You know you a immature and insecure population when going on rampages are “not uncommon”.  Could that Roth laws that encourage such behaviour (I.e. damages awarded based on how much “face” is lost, not the actual damages accrued).

Think I’m kidding?  A foreign friend of mine was hit by a car, broke his leg, when they went to court to sue the taxi driver, he was awarded by how “bad he looked in the public eye for being weakened” and not the actual leg breaking.

Another Korean friend was riding his bike with his family. This old Korean lady stepped put on front of him WHILE HE WAS ON THE BIKE PATH, got hit and successfully got money damages awarded top her all because she didn’t look where she was going.

On a lesser note, I saw a similar attitude happen right on front of my eyes. I was out with a Korean friend, who was pishing her daughter on a swing, this old Korean woman walked by and complained that the MOTHER should be more careful because the old woman almost got hit by the swing!  It is quite an insanity to witness.

Theses are some of the things I won’t miss when I leave ;)

“She had been strangled.”

At 9:40 pm on Jan. 7, the body of a man surnamed Kim, 53, was found hanging in an apartment in the West district of Daejeon. Kim’s mother, surnamed Lee, 96, was also found dead. She had been strangled. Kim left a suicide note behind. “If I’m gone, there will be no one to take care of my mother, who is suffering from dementia,” the note said.

– from Korea’s growing dementia crisis

The aging popular here is big concern.  It is outpacing the birthrate and I can see the gap between the young and the old easily myself.  Must be worse for those who are Korean and have a better perspective than I do.