Today’s Random post in#Korea

There is never any end to my amusement here. You just have to see this stuff to believe it.

I’m sure this all properly licensed and whatnot.

The Smileeyes or The Smile eyes.  Can’t tell which.

This next one will need some explaining.

About 2 weeks before we moved out, our next door neighbour in our building got a puppy. (Oh you know where this is going…).  Yes, it was a yappy thing.  See, because of the generally cramped lifestyle in Seoul, no one gets dogs.  They only get ‘snacks for real dogs’.  I mean, I’ve owned cats that are biggest than most of these pets people get here!  For the most part, the thing only yapped constantly during the day and was quiet when the owners were home….usually.  While it wasn’t terribly bad, and we were moving out, I didn’t care so much.  So after we move out, I had to spend a night or two at a friend’s apartment, he lived 5 units down from our old place.  I walk by the yappy-dog apartment and see this:

…kill it or whatever…

I suspect this is from the person who moved into our place and good on them too!  Although maybe not to the extend of killing anything but the point is well made.  By the time left for my new city, I never heard a peep from the apartment any more.  Seemed to have worked :)

Helping out friends on vacation

A fellow Canadian English teacher had planned a trip back home.  The problem was that he had a little dog.  The kind I call snacks for real dogs.  Oh she is cute, if you like the pekingese/pug mix type, I just prefer larger dogs.


She just recently got a hair cut but is adjusting well.

So I volunteered to look after her, which is pretty easy to do when the owner lives just 5 doors down my hallway. The owner also said he will have to apologize to my wife for showing me Skyrim. Yes…..yes he does. After playing it for about a total of one hour, I’m hooked. If some one has a spare machine(XBox/Playstation) and game they would like to donate to a poor foreigner, please let me know. :)

I check in on “Boo” twice a day, spend an hour (errr…or more) keeping her company, and making sure she is ok. We get along fine and she is quite happy to have the company.

Oh, should I mention his massive media library as well? Yeah, he’s been here awhile.