Some #Korean news

S Korea ‘regrets’ North’s response to talks

Seoul – South Korea voiced regret on Thursday at North Korea’s decision to spurn an offer of formal talks on removing goods from a joint industrial complex closed by military tensions.

You know, it’s a kinda goofy thing to regret someone else’s actions.  It’s like seeing a bully beat up a kid than YOU regret his actions.  Makes no sense.

Spotlight falls on S. Korea’s gender divide

SEOUL – A South Korean presidential spokesman who was fired after inappropriately touching a woman during a U.S. trip blames a “cultural difference” with America. Other South Koreans say the fault for such incidents lies with a society that lets powerful men get away with harassment.

Yeah, it’s still very much male-dominated here.  That is changing but it will be quite a while before it’s more common place to have gender equality here, more so than other countries and mainly because of 5000 years of history that has to be fought against.  See here for an idea of resistant to change, despite being exposed to the whole world.

Kim Jong-un’s secret daughter: North Korea leader claimed to have fathered love child

It must be hard when you have your hand on the nuclear trigger to keep track of everything.

Today it was claimed North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un fathered a baby girl in 2010 with an unknown woman, two years before his wife gave birth to the couple’s first child.

Oh this should go over quite well in about 17 years or so….

Gay South Korean Film Director Marrying Boyfriend, Breaking Taboos

South Korean filmmaker Kim Jho Gwang-soo announced plans to marry his partner of nine years on Wednesday, a largely symbolic gesture since gay marriage is illegal in South Korea.

This guy has guts.  Good on him!

And what news brief would be complete without a little bit of humour at least eh?

Rodman Rips Obama Over Lack Of Communication With North Korea

Dennis Rodman revealed last month that he is planning another trip to North Korea in hopes of getting through to Kim Jon Un. Now, the former Celebrity Apprentice contestant is ripping into President Obama for his lack of communication with North Korea’s leader!

I find it interesting that for the most part, politics has completely failed in trying to resolve world issues(I mean, how many times do I have to read the phrase “The UN has tightened sanction to stop nuclear parts from getting into North Korea”. Seriously, you guys didn’t know this the FIRST time you started this ‘tightening’??).  Now businesses are stepping up and trying to do so themselves.  This became obvious when Google went to visit North Korea (if you missed that posting the first time, you have to see the cartoon there!  Priceless) and Rodman’s first trip(soon to be a second one).