What have I been up to outside of cars? Glad you asked…

I started working for this promotional company.  They used to have a motto that said “Print Anything”.  You know, t-shirts, pens, posters, business cards but also Embroidery, displays, banners.  Since we also have a laser cutter, now things can be made/etched.  Anything from wood to steel(Well, technically can’t cut steel, just etch it).  You can do some really cool stuff with a $30K laser ;)

Now, the business has just shifted towards the whole ‘makerspace movement’ and will allow people to come in and use their equipment after they’ve taken a proper training course.  We are also getting a 3D printer and a CNC machine.

Now the motto is “Make Anything, Print Anything” and it is meant quite literally :D

Since we also have a vinyl cutter, I can make some cool decals.  This is what I did today for my car.

Heh, he who dies with the most toys wins!  :P