From the category of “labels you won’t see in many other countries….”


These tasted utterly disgusting. At first it was just OK, but a couple of them tasted like I was eating plastic! That probably explained why my stomach was feeling off all weekend. Won’t buy those again.


Dammit Korea!

Sigh…..coconut in “choco mint cherry” ice cream?! Why Korea?! Why?????

Had to eat it quick before it for soft and I actually tasted it. Was mostly successful…

Spider-Man Statue Removed From South Korean Playground Because It Has A Gigantic Boner Read More: Spider-Man Statue Removed From Playground Because Of Boner

Yes…you read that right…..Spidey with a Boner….

I’m sad to only just hear about this now, else I would have made the trip to Busan just for this. Too damn funny. Read the full story here: