Shopping Dongdaemun

There is certainly no lack of places to shop in Seoul and Dongdaemun is where you want to be if you are into fashion, especially if you are female.  My wife wanted to buy a skirt that was good enough for both winter and a wedding.

The area is very pretty and right now they got a large light pyramid in front of a major shopping building.

Light Pyramid with dancing men.

As well as a tasteful theme continuation on the building itself.

Dancing Lights

In this area it is nearly impossible to figure out where anything is. So just pick a place and wander around.  If you live here, and come often enough then you will get to know where all the good deals are.  I am still working on this.  Haggling is a skill that you should develop ideally, unless you don’t mind paying the inflated and outrageous prices.  Many items have no tags on them and it is quite common for foreigners to pay significantly more.  If you know the language, you’ll more than likely get a discount but certainly less than a local.  I remember once when I wanted to buy a new carrying case/bag for my books, netbook and my Galaxy Tab.  We were in Namdaemun, another shopping area, and one of the first places we checked had bags but they were asking nearly $70.  I had only brought $40 with me and decided to shop around.  Most places hovered around the $50 range but still nothing I really liked.  We had decided to give up and we decided to leave and check somewhere else another day.  We had to walk buy the first store and the same sales guy was there.  He saw I obviously didn’t buy a bag and was urging me to come back inside.  I told him the prices were to high.  He asked what I was looking to spend and I told him I only had $40 on me.  He asked me to point out the one I wanted and sold it to me for that price.  In case you missed it, that is a $30 discount on the originally quoted price!  Sometimes haggling is just ready to walk away and tell them what you are only willing to spend.  Still, I bet a Korean would have gotten it cheaper.  It’s just par for the course being in a foreign country.

We went to the Doota World to see what was there.  It is always a busy place and does have a floor dedicated to mens fashion.  This pic is an example of a typical section of women’s fashion.

Doota World

Now because it is Korea, you will always see clothes with English on it, most times it makes zero sense. Sometimes you can understand what it says but still you scratch your head wondering who would wear something like this?  And this one is logical, kinda, in its use.

Weed Smokin Burnout Rehab
Weed Smokin Burnout Rehab

We then ended the day out at a TGI Fridays. A place known for ribs but were sold of then, as well add beef burritos. For a place with a fairly limited menu, this is annoying. Wait they DO have burritos. New guy waiter was confused.


Always an adventure here.  Always.

Daily View of Korea


While out on a walk we saw this mother and two daughters all wearing their PJs. While that is nothing special but they were wearing them at a local fast food joint. Apparently it is normal to walk out of a hospital in your hospital clothing and go about your business.

Daily Image of Korea


Questionable fashion. Some of the clothing here, typically the ‘older crowd'(and by older I mean 60+) their choice of clothing becomes impaired it seems. Seriously, who buys these kinds of socks and thinks they are a good idea?