Our interim #Korea adventure

A friend letting us stay in her pace white we wait to continue on to our new city in a few days.  One thing I love about getting here is the novel ways we learn about the extreme conservatism (read as being cheap) here.  We are in a building with 4 floors and an elevator.  The elevator will only go to the fourth floor(coincidentally where the landlord lives).

4th floor only

Unfortunately the place we are staying is on the 3rd floor.  So we just take the elevator to the 4th floor and walk down one flight.  Certainly a lot easier than walking up 3 flights of stairs!

But wait…what we do we have here on the 4th floor?

No 5th floor for you!

That’s right.  The landlord wants the rooftop all to himself!  Only HE is allowed to hang his laundry up there to dry.  Only HE is allowed to relax and enjoy the view of the city and the night sky.  Only HE is allowed to be so smug and realize that the average Korean would not question his authority.  I’d go up any ways but I am sure the door to the outside is locked so it would be pointless regardless.

Product Changes

Well I experienced my first product change in South Korea. For 2 weeks I have been buying he same orange juice at the same store. About 1 week ago the drop their price by 10 percent. I thought this was great as the orange juice was helping my cold and sore throat. Today I bought the same orange juice in it tasted much more bitter. I thought it was because I had just finished drinking a pop in the sugar was still changing the flavour of the orange juice. After a few tries and no change in flavour I decided to try to exchange the orange juice. After much translation they agreed to exchange. It was still the same less-sweet taste. At least now I know why they dropped the price. Cheaper product. Well, won’t buy it again.