A sad post

A friend of mine is leaving Korea back to Australia. He’s been my best friend while I’ve known him over the last year. We’ve had a ton of fun, commiserated over Korea, women, jobs. We’ve laughed our asses off at some of the bat-shit crazy things we ran into. Going to be quiet going forward.

I will miss his presence and look forward to meeting him again in the future.

I might as well also let everyone know that the decision to leave Korea has been made. February will be my last month here. I am going back home for a while til I decide exactly what my next move will be. Europe is a strong possibility 😁

But don’t worry, I’ll always be able to find crazy stuff to write about!  Probably some reverse culture shock I suspect.  Like bus drivers who know how to modulate breaks by NOT jabbing them I’m strong, short bursts!