(Digital) Papers please!


So yeah, this is what you get, now that Korea obviously has an agreement with Google and how to control content while talking it’s citizens what they feel is appropriate or not. Which is rather an oxymoron given the videos that do get played….. I mean really…. They cut out swearing/drinking? Like that is really going to make and damn difference to the population and their already rather larger drinking problem, not to mention the overtly sexually suggestive videos of k-pop that already exist!

I have seen this before. What is sad is that this kind of censorship of at complete odds with the reality that goes on in the schools. Kids swear in English and the Korean teachers give every kind of excuse as to it’s not a big deal.

Good thing I know tons of ways around this kind of BS.

Censorship in a modern world

I once heard it said that rules are meant only to replace what we instinctively know any ways.  I like the quote from K-Pax:

Dr. Mark Powell: How do you know right from wrong?

Prot: Every being in the universe knows right from wrong, Mark.

So when the Government steps in and then proceed to tell you what is right and wrong, how should you feel?  Do you really need a law to tell you that killing someone just because you are angry is wrong?  And yet countries sanction such things under the pretenses of ‘protection’ or other irrational things.  But this is getting a little off topic.

Let’s go back to “Should you be told what is acceptable and what is not?”.  Do you really need some regulating agency to tell you that a 5-year-old watching porn is bad?  Are you so limited in your capacity to think that you need an organization to structure your life so that you never see things that someone else finds disgraceful?

South Korea is a fairly modern society in many ways and yet they cling to out-dated beliefs and fall ‘in line’ with other controlling forms of regulation that are arbitrarily based and purely on the whim of being popular/keeping power.

Korea’s K-pop stars have to dance around… the censors

a song can suddenly be found too “sexist,” ‘political,” “anti-government” or “pro-North Korean” by any government body, according to its own logic. Even songs that have been played for decades sometimes run afoul of the authorities.

So, how you liking that freedom of speech eh?  Doesn’t exist here.  I’ve mostly kept this blog balanced and only really quoted things written elsewhere, so I am not in any kind of danger of being censored or deported.  Still, I’ll be critical of ANYONE/Country that believes they have a right to tell me what to think and believe.

Daily View of Korea

One might think that living in Canada or the US you have the ‘ultimate freedom of expression’. It is true that ‘westerners’ have much more liberty at their fingertips that much of the rest of the world. The problem is the censorship that does happen is simply in the form that you are not aware of. It happens quietly, sneakily and it is pretty scary once you realize it. For the moment, I won’t be dwelling on it. Here in South Korea, such banning is rather blatant.

There is still a great fear in the upper echelon of Korean Society that they believe there is information out there that will harm their society. Eventually they will realize that people can make up their own minds but that is probably a loooooong way off. Tradition is hard to kill and the Koreans have been around for a very long time.

Want to know what site was banned? A travel site. What? Yeah a British travel site that provides tours to North Korea. Here’s part of the article explaining.

A British-run travel agency which specialises(sic) in tours to North Korea disclosed Monday that South Korea was blocking its website because of alleged pro-Pyongyang material.

AFP article via Google

There are actually two sites and they are www.koryogroup.com and www.koryotours.com. Now, anyone outside of Korea should be able to view them without any hindrance. I, however, using my regular channel get the above screenshot unless I do some techno-wizardry.

If you want to learn how to get around such bans and censorship, I would highly recommend you learn about Tor from EFF. Read and become illuminated.