How blind people beg on subways

Beggars are sadly common everywhere in the world.  Not that there is truly any reason the world can’t provide for every single person on the planet, there is certainly more than enough resources and money to go around.  Here, I find said beggars tend to be a bit more creative.  They at least try to entertain you, or convert you by using Christianity as an excuse for you to give.  In either case, this scene is a common on on subways.

I don’t give to beggars in Korea

The subway is a prime target for beggars to do their act to get money from people.  Today I saw another example of how this really doesn’t work. Allow me too explain the first time I saw something that jaded me so.

About a year and a half ago I was waiting for a subway. I saw this scruffy-looking guy walk by carrying a piece of styrofoam that he was kinda using to carry things on, he looked kinda happy. I thought it was odd but hey, not like that’s anything new here really. Soon the subway comes and I get on. After 15mins I see this same scruffy get come into my car, shuffling along the floor with this expression of pain and sorrow that his life is so bad. I thought, wow, that is really pathetic.

So today’s beggar is a blind guy. You know he’s blind because first you hear the cheesy Korean music playing from the radio hanging from his neck (or attached to his belt) and his eyes are closed. He’s kinda shuffling his feet along the floor, taking care to use his walking stick a whopping 2″ in front of him. He never bumps into any one and he never falls when the train jerks in a system way. This guy was a prime candidate for an act and he was working so hard that within the space of 10ft, he had to wipe his brow, twice, on the well air conditioned train.

Yeahhhhh, not buying it.

Also, when you see a beggar wearing $150 running shoes, not gonna buy that either.