That moment….

Despite being in a South-East Asian country, I still like to do some ‘home cooking’.  My favourite is Apple Crisp and Apple Sauce.  We are going to a pot-luck dinner tomorrow so I’m making some of both today.  As with anything, you always have “that moment”:

That moment:

  • when you look at the 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and think “that’s too little for my taste” and you use the container to add ‘just a little more’ when ‘whompf!’ it ends up being a weeee bit more than ‘just a little more’
  • when you go to type up your experience of cooking on a blog when you see ‘sssssss’ and know that the 8 cut-up apples in that little stuffed pot was probably more than it could ideally handle and now the simmering heat has made it boil over some

Yes….we have all had ‘that moment’ while experiencing life.



The come in all kinds of sizes. From “They are so cute.” To “OMFG, if that fell on Newtons head, he would have been killed!”

Apple in both extreme forms
Won’t even fit in my hand.