North Korea Slams Israel as a Rogue ‘Nuclear Threat’ | The National Interest Blog

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry slammed the “shamelessness of Israel” on Friday, calling the Jewish State a “rogue group” that “poses a nuclear threat” and commits “terrorist attack[s]” against neighboring countries.

Pot calling the kettle black??!!


Samsung Buffet

Today we went to the Samsung Buffet. Totally amazing! Here is a video by someone else that cover it well.

Not: This is not my video and I have no idea what he says at the beginning.

What was missing from the steak part was the adding of spices and sauce. Below is the end result.


It was cooked to about a medium-rare and was juicy and tasty as all get out!

They only do it at certain times and if you waited to long to get in line, and it’s not a small line, you’d have to wait for an hour. I was lucky, also a bit greedy, and got two servings while we were there for 1.5hrs. I was properly stuffed!

Drinking in public places to be banned in S. Korea – The Korea Times

Drinking and selling alcohol will not be allowed at schools ranging from elementary schools to colleges.

I didn’t realise that they allowed drinking in elementary schools?!

And this won’t go over well at all. URL be another law that will simply be ignored because the police won’t enforce it at all!  But hey Korea, I would be glad to be proved wrong!

SCORE!!! Update!

I’m counting this round as a 2.5.

First, the usual “Oh a foreigner, can’t sit beside him.”

Then it was , “Oh, a foreigner…. but there are no other seats…. So I’ll sit there but I’ll be real uncomfortable about it.  Oh, next stop, a free seat that is 20ft away, I’ll rush over there before it gets taken and leave the bulky bags I brought on the subway by the door I came in.”

Couple of stops later, another lady just sits beside me fine. When another end seat becomes open, she moves. Gonna add a .2 because end seats are generally more desirable but no way to talk of that was the only reason she left.

Total 2.7

Surprise! North Korea’s official news site delivers malware, too

A security researcher examining the website of North Korea’s official news service, the Korean Central News Agency, has discovered that the site delivers more than just the latest photo spread of Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea leader Kim Jong Un inspecting mushroom farms. There’s a little extra surprise hidden in the site’s code—malware. The news site appears to double as a way for North Korea to deliver a “watering hole” attack against individuals who want to keep tabs on the “activities” of the DPRK’s dear leader.

So, want to read up on this little fiasco this side of the planet?  Might want to re-think that….

You Can Download North Korea’s OS X Knockoff for Desktops (But Don’t)

An anonymous Dogecoin lover recently uploaded a torrent that appears to contain the delightful Mac OS X knockoff built by North Korea. While it’s not news that the DPRK created its own a Linux-based operating system that looks just like OS X, it’s pretty funny that you can now play with what looks like a copy of it.

Yeah….. Of you don’t know how to use a virtual machine, you should probably stay far away from this.  Still, if it’s authentic, it’ll give coders an interesting insight into North Korean copying….err….coding. ;)

I’m rather sickened at this: “Run again, and you’ll get a knife in the stomach.”

An outsider might cringe at what’s happening on the island, said Han Bong-cheol, a pastor in Mokpo who lived on Sinui for 19 years until June. “But when you live there, many of these problems feel inevitable.”

This is utterly disgusting.  You think North Korea is bad (well, I suppose they are when your family is killed because you defected) but in such modern days, how can this even go on?!

You might want to pass this around.  Shaming this country is the only way things get done because even the locals and officials knew about this and yet nothing was done!  Man, I knew Korea had a lot of growing up to do but this…this is insane.

Court Orders Arrest of Ex-Executive at Korean Airlines Over ‘Nut Rage’

However, her shows of contrition have not been enough to appease public anger at the episode, which struck a nerve in a country that harbors deep unease at the domination of major industries by a handful of family-run business groups, known as chaebol. This has made many South Koreans particularly sensitive to what they see as arrogant or overbearing behavior by members of those families, and particularly young heirs like Ms. Cho.

It is nice to see this happening but so much is going on in the background to make it ‘less bad’.  I am quite happy to see such issues bring brought to light and being dealt with.  Korea is a country that has ‘a lot of growing up to do’ in order to really be part of the world where equality exists at all levels of society.  Or at least an attempt to do so.  The ‘old boys club’ runs nice and strong here.