Random English Word References

I’m always a bit facinated when I learn the origin of a common word that you never realy thought about before. So I’ve compiled a little list of thing things I’ve found and thought it would be worth sharing.

“Leaves of a Book”

The story goes that there was this woman, Cybill from Cumae, a region near Naples, Italy. She lived in the lava tube caves of Mount Vesuvius. Here she discovered that she could enter in an alternate state of consciousness due to the volcanic gasses(in particular Ethylene) and further enhanced the experience with Bay Laurel Leaves(Nope, this still doens’t explain leaves of a book yet). What she apparently did do was write down prophecies and oak leaves. At one point, she was summoned to see King Tarkin (Oh, and now I know where they got the character name Grand Moff Tarkin!) and when she went, she brought 9 books that were filled with prophecies and the book’s pages were made from oak leaves.

And now you have just a little bit more knowledge about the English languages.

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