It seems that a lot of weak-old people have really lost their way over the last two years. Their critical thinking has dropped to nil, their rational thought has been twisted inwards and they have zero compassion for their friends.

Or maybe their true selves are finally emerging? Two quotes come t. Mind.

“People are only as good as society allows them.”

The Joker, Dark Knight Rise

“Think about the average IQ in your society, then realize that half the people you know are dumber than that.”

George Carlin

I think we are seeing a truer side of people and it’s sad to think that after 30 years of friendship, I’m finally seeing how some people are. I mean, their actions were never so overt but now there’s not even an attempt to hide unfounded contempt.

I’ve written people off before and I’ll do it again. I got better things to do in my life than to continually put effort into something that has clear resistance to being kept together.

I’ve done my best to make peace with those I felt I did not treat well, occasionally it worked where things could move forward. If someone has issues, I’m done trying to help. Onto greener pastures, as they say.

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