What have I been up to outside of cars? Glad you asked…

I started working for this promotional company.  They used to have a motto that said “Print Anything”.  You know, t-shirts, pens, posters, business cards but also Embroidery, displays, banners.  Since we also have a laser cutter, now things can be made/etched.  Anything from wood to steel(Well, technically can’t cut steel, just etch it).  You can do some really cool stuff with a $30K laser ;)

Now, the business has just shifted towards the whole ‘makerspace movement’ and will allow people to come in and use their equipment after they’ve taken a proper training course.  We are also getting a 3D printer and a CNC machine.

Now the motto is “Make Anything, Print Anything” and it is meant quite literally :D

Since we also have a vinyl cutter, I can make some cool decals.  This is what I did today for my car.

Heh, he who dies with the most toys wins!  :P

5 thoughts on “What have I been up to outside of cars? Glad you asked…

      • Last year was a rough year for my family but this year is looking up :). A few months ago I saw one for sale during a back-road drive down to the Falls. Guy was asking $11K for it…..definitely not worth it…..it was rough…..I’d be afraid to look for bonds in it…..but still, it was neat to see one.

        I’m into Volvos now. Drive an XC90. No other project cars on the go. If you ever do come across those old pics, I’d still be interested in getting a copy :)

        Otherwise, just doing my thing. Working for the Federal Government now, my cat keeps me company and I’ve got some good friends around me. Hope all is well with you.

      • Glad to hear things are looking up. :) And Volvos? That’s quite a leap. Haha!
        Yeah, I’ll definitely let you know if I come across the old pictures.
        Good thing you’ve got a job with the Canadian government. Wouldn’t want to work for Ford. :P :/
        All is about the same here. We’re all still alive. :)
        Keep in touch. :)

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