72nd World SciFi Convention

Well,  since this happened while I was here,  couldn’t miss it. Sadly,  I did misses of on a lot and by that I mean all the talks.  I didn’t realize that such conventions were nothing more than 99% people talking and at this one, there was a lot. Maybe I just like cons that have actual demonstrations where things get interesting.  Ah well,  live and learn and spend too much money any ways.

Of course, what SciFi convention would be complete without a Tardis?! Because I went on a Friday, not much cosplay going on, I bought a couple of t-shirts and Munchkin Deluxe :)

Author: DragonDon

Having a love of travel has lead me to move to South Korea in 2010. Moving to an Eastern culture from a Western culture is a wild experience and there is never a dull day!

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