10 Things Asians should not say to Foreigners

Inspired by this post by Opinionated Man, I thought I’d do a counter-compliment to his post.


10 Things Koreans should not say to Foreigners

  1. Are you American? Dude, not all white people are from the USA.
  2. (Speaking to a non-white person from Canada) Do you feel left out in your country? Seriously, learn what the term Ethnic groups means and read a website.  Geeze, we know you know how to use the Internet!
  3. How old are you? None of your damn business.  Older than you, so you already know to use the formal style of Hangul, so use it already.
  4. Are you married? None of your business.  Learn the term ‘personal boundaries’ and look up how that applies to non-Koreans why don’t you?!
  5. (My wife got this one) Teacher, you are sexy! WTF, do you really don’t know how to behave around adults? Why don’t we have a conversation with your parents eh?
  6. Is Canada cold? Umm….does it snow in Kangwon-do?  Guess what….Snows in Canada too during the winter.
  7. Do you know Justin Bieber?  Oh no you didn’t?!  We actually have deported him to another country. Our Government forbids us to talk about him so let’s just pretend this didn’t happen ok?
  8. Do you know Gangnam Style? I can’t get away from it.  especially being played at every cellphone store…which is like every 10ft here.  Hey, let me ask you, do you know what ‘air’ is?
  9. Do you like Korea?  Well, once you get past the spitting, the cars that don’t give a fuck about pedestrians, people bumping into you and not caring, old ladies cutting you off in line because they don’t care, complete lack of privacy when landlords just come into your apartment at any point, then sure…I like Korea.  It has nice mountains….they don’t’ bother anyone with dumbass questions.
  10. korean-enough

Author: DragonDon

Having a love of travel has lead me to move to South Korea in 2010. Moving to an Eastern culture from a Western culture is a wild experience and there is never a dull day!

59 thoughts on “10 Things Asians should not say to Foreigners”

  1. I have given up asking questions of anyone, and also having an opinion. As a mere woman, I am learning my questions are always going to be irrelevant and I talk too much anyway! Not even sure if reading is a good thing for women either! Nice day to everyone!

  2. oh come on Dragon Don – in defense of South Koreans the questions aren’t limited to them, to elucidate let me share a list of questions I encountered in the US as a European: your questions 3, 4 and 9 are asked in the US all the time with no inhibitions whatsoever, followed by the all time favourite: – is he /she the one…..?? Do you have pictures of your wife/kids? And then some rarer questions 2) do you shower in Europe? We hear you have water shortages and cannot shower much 3) we hear female Europeans do not shave………(yeah really?) 4) Switzerland/Swaziland/Sweden – hard to tell the difference…..where are they all again, Europe right? (also happened) 5) Switzerland had the Nazis…Conclusion: you get all sorts when you travel…

    1. #3 is there because the Korean language/culture is entirely dependent on age for respect(respect is simply earned by being old, the old people will just bud in front of you, elbow you out of the way and pretty much run the place and not pay the least bit of attention to who they are inconveniencing.), The same can not be said of western countries. Oh sure, we respect elders but the moment they cross ‘that line’, the gloves are off. I don’t take any shoving by anyone, regardless of age/race. That is not the case with your average Korean. Thus is makes the list and highly relevant to Koreans/Asians.

      #4 is there because the Koreans are all mesmerized by the lofty ideal of being married, having kids and totally in love. The birth rate is a serious concern because the population is aging faster than the workfield replacement, so there is a seriously strong enforcement of being married. To the point that if a woman is not married by the time she is 30, people will ask ‘what is wrong with her’. Thus it makes the list.

      #9. Koreans have been habitually reminded that Korea is the best and if you do not like it, you are immediately considered either stupid or never talked to again. There is an extremely fragile national ego here and damned be you if you so much as even hint that any other country is better than Korea. There is no better electronics company than Samsung. There is no better car company than Hyundai. There is no better ice skater than Kim Yu Na. Westerners have absolutely no idea what national pride is compared to Asians and Koreans in particular.

      These points are highly relevant here, and that is why I put them in this list. Part vent, part tongue-in-cheek commentary on what it’s like to be here.

  3. Haha! I especially like #1. Doesn’t matter where you go in the world, people assume you’re American. Since I found that out, I don’t travel anywhere outside of the country without a maple leaf stuck to me somewhere – except America of course. :P

    1. Yeah, I have a little Canadian pin on my hat and I had one on a former messenger bag, I have to move it over to my replacement. There is a lingering resentment for Americans because of the whole military presence here.

    1. Because the kids think they are being cute and that it’s ok to get away with it around foreign teachers but they would NEVER say anything like that to their Korean teachers.

    1. Koreans are the epitome of distraction. They talk more about other people than any other ethnic group I know. Distracted from dealing with themselves. They aretrying to find their national identity by ingesting themselves in other people’s business.

  4. LOL Great post. people are indeed amazing with the things they say arent they? These stories always remind me of my granddaughter whose Dad is from Laos. People would constantly ask my daughter what my granddaughter is, meaning her color/race. My daughter would give them “the look” and respond with “A girl!, can’t you tell from the way she is dressed?” My granddaughter who is now 29 years old occasionally still gets that question asked of her. Bothered her when she was younger but now she handles it better.

  5. #9-I just can’t get past the spitting! On a plane trip from Siem Reap to Seoul, somebody spat loudly on the plane! A very funny list indeed. Enjoyed it immensely! :)

      1. Lol…first of all…list posts are very popular, second getting on peoples cases is also very popular, if you use a few curse words without exaggerating that’s helpful, and of course a nice dose of sarcasim never hurts…ah, and I’m Bastet which is Georgia ;-)

  6. I was told number 5 countless times by students in the various Asian countries where I taught (Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, …) because yes I am a handsome caucasian male. The problem is that it was often by teenagers around 14~15, at first it can be disturbing and you don’t know how to react, then you learn how to handle it with humor without being rude with your student or passing for a pedophile. My answer was often “Define sexy?” or “Look around, there are many sexy guys in your class too!”

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