Laundry in Korea

Laundry in Korea

Doing laundry in Korea is as little different.  For one, dryers are rare. Everyone hangs their laundry.  When I was back in Canada, and the weather was nice, I hung my laundry outside on a line to dry.  Why water the electricity when nature does just a fine job itself.  I don’t really care for the chemicals and crap that people put in their dryers so an outside line was good enough for me.

Here this idea is part of their extreme conservatism.  Use kess electricity/don’t spend money with the reason being it is better for the country.  Sadly this idea is taken too far even to the point of ignoring government heat wave warnings and film not turning on tugged AC in schools.  But I digress.

Just about every place has a laundry washing machine and despite there being a plethora of apartments here, I don’t ever recall hearing about a laundry room in one. Given how shall apartments usually are for singles/small families, this is surprising.  Our first place here we had to put the hanging rack on the bed just so we could move around the apartment.

Now, there are laundromats to go to.  Today was another first for me.  Not going to the laundromat itself but the processes.  Typically you would either bring your detergent out buy it on site.  I was planning on buying it there.  So I go, put all my clothes into a machine and walk over to the dispensing machine on the wall.  Wait, I see bags, coffee for coffee machine but no soap.  Umm…..this is annoying.  I ask the Korean guy here where the soap is and he tells me it is in the machine already!  Whoa, talk about convenience.  Make my life easier and well with the $3 to wash the clothes.


At first glance, this laundry place looks like a showroom.  Coffee and all.  The washing machines are the black ones, dryers are silver.


Convenient took is the idea the the washing machine doors open opposite to the dryer ones.


The drying process is s little different, you just party $0.50 for 4mins of runtime and choose you temp from one of 3 settings.

Another patron purchased a coffees packet from the machine but it got stuck. She called the number for assistance and the guy came over and fixed it. He also came stocked up the cups and sugar then gave each of us a free bag! Here it is all folded up.


All in all, a nice experience.

Author: DragonDon

Having a love of travel has lead me to move to South Korea in 2010. Moving to an Eastern culture from a Western culture is a wild experience and there is never a dull day!

6 thoughts on “Laundry in Korea”

      1. Unless you spend a lot of money, most places just done have a washing machine, let alone a dryer, big enough for a comforter here. Still, there is sobering to be said to get out of your house and do something different though.

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