Woman discovered bound in home, annoys police

I bet none of you can too THIS excuse to avoid work!

Japan….you never fail to amuse me! I fully recommend anyone too live in an Asian country at least once in their lives. Nothing can replace this kind of entertainment!

SoraNews24 -Japan News-


No matter how great your job as a chocolate taster may be, there will eventually come a day when you wake up, roll over, and think, “Oh, gawd, I do not want to go to work today!”

Now, if you were a normal person, you might lounge in bed for a few minutes before sighing and forcing yourself up. Or, if you were really desperate, you might even call in with a fake cough or a miserable story about your Aunt Mildred who fell and broke her spleen and needs a spleen cast.

Then again, if you were this 20-something woman in Tokyo, you might come up with an altogether more, uh, unique plan.

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Author: DragonDon

Having a love of travel has lead me to move to South Korea in 2010. Moving to an Eastern culture from a Western culture is a wild experience and there is never a dull day!

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