Malayasia: Penang Island

5 thoughts on “Malayasia: Penang Island

  1. May I suggest that you transform these photos that you’ve got in your gallery into slide shows…it’s one of the options in the media editor for the gallery and is easier for readers to watch.

    • Thanks for the suggestion but I’m a little confused. When you click on a picture, it blows up and becomes a slide show. Curently I have the best of both worlds right now :) You can see them all, pic the ones you want to look at (without being forced into watching all the pics) or simply start at the beginning and enjoy the whole jouney. Does this not happen for you?

      • When I use the slide show, I can fast forward, stop the show, go back to look at something else and blow up a photo or just sit back and enjoy the show…it’s basically whatever floats your boat though. I’ve a fetish I guess about having my post page cluttered so I use the slideshow.

      • Heh. I’ll keep it simple. I’d go a little more crazy if this was more photo heavy blogging but this recent stuff is not very frequent, so a simple interface is good.

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