Ooh, you want that COLD….

So we are sitting at the train station, 2hrs early, and I’m thinking, I’m going to need something to drink on the over night train back to Kuala Lumpur.  There is a local grocery store so I head on over there. 

On this trip, I tended to stay away from Cola drinks as a regular supplement to balance off the buckets we sweat while walking around bird parks, Little Indias and outdoor market.  I decided to go with those “powerade” type of drinks.  Here they call them “isotonic drink”.  While they have quite a number that are “cloudy but not clear” in coloring, they taste fine.


I had a whopping $2.00SGD left to spend and this drink was labeled as $1.50.  Excellent!  I bring it to the counter to pay.  The lady says “That’s 15cents extras for cold.  Okay?”  I was stunned.  Was she trying to rip me off?  This was a large store, so that was unlikely.  I just replied “The label said $1.50.” and gestured with my thumb towards the coolers.  She basically repeated her statement and said “Sure, whatever.”  Then she scanned a barcode and charged me $1.65.


It’s the little stories that make this(any) trip memorable.

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