Penang Island

I wish I knew about Penang before we booked our trip.  We would have planned significantly more time there!  Check out this video.

This has been the cleanest part of Malaysia by far!


A shot from the ferry looking at Penang while we were crossing. The ferry cost was a whopping 1.20 Ringitts(about $0.40) and took about 15 mins. When we came back, we were confused as we didn’t see any place too pay for our return trip. Apparently it’s included in the first fee!!

We meet a guy from the UK, who was just a “wee bit happy” and I suspected the bet he was drinking wasn’t his first. No biggie, he war one of the most verbal guys I have ever met, funny, expressive and I suspect a bit on the gay side as my gaydar was pinging pretty good. Regardless, he was helpful and have us some interesting history of the island (being formally developed by the British) and he was rather proud that the sewer/plumbing system worked still today as off this was a major feat of engineering. To be honest, given what I have seen of other Asian plumbing, he has a right to be proud of such work really.


As you can see, the archetect is very English and it was very cool to see it. This is the Cathedral of Assumption.


Since we arrived during a national holiday, not a lot was open (word to the wise, check locations for holidays!) But since there is a large Chinese population, their temples were busy and pretty darm awesome to look at!



Sigh, doing this kind of blogging on mobile is tough. Uploading each pic individually is a pain and looks ugly. I’ll do a summary post after I get back for all the pics.


While English is a second language here and commonly spoken, there are still some obvious failures.


There are two very popular temples that we saw. This is a Burmese Buddhist one.


I simply cannot get over that level of detail theses guys put into their work.



Author: DragonDon

Having a love of travel has lead me to move to South Korea in 2010. Moving to an Eastern culture from a Western culture is a wild experience and there is never a dull day!

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