Oh the things you find randomly…

So recently I’ve been playing with Sugru (see here for details) and wanted to check something on their site.  I mis-typed it and found a pretty funny page.


My Unusual Genetically-Related Uncle

My UGRU Matt, wearing his incognito clothesThis is the story of my UGRU Matt, who is:

Unusual (to say the least!)
Genetically-Related (a blood relatve)
Uncle (mine, my dad’s brother)

Now, if you want to use this UGRU.com website domain for some other purpose, I’m certainly open to suggestions. For a reasonable sum it can be yours! Just send your proposal to miles99@gmail.com

My UGRU Matt is quite a character. He is about 8 ft. tall (that’s less than 3 meters, but not that much less). Matt, who I will henceforth refer to as UGRU, is a mystery flyer for commercial airlines. He flies incognito and evaluates the flight attendants and cabins of the airlines that he flies.

Matt is Usually Genial and Rarely Unhappy.

Of course, since UGRU is so tall, his presence is hardly a mystery to the airline staff. They all know him, and greet him when they see him. “Hey, Matt, good to see you! Are you mystery flying with us today?”

UGRU always acknowledges that he is working as a mystery flyer. So, the airline staff are on their best behavior when he is aboard. He writes a glowing report, he gets paid, the staff keep their jobs, and everyone is happy.
Money that my UGRU receives for each mystery flight
This is the normal amount of money that UGRU Matt gets paid for every flight that he takes. He accepts cash only.

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