New New New setup….

So, not only did my monitor die and have to be replaced, the OS then shortly started tanking.  It all started by the stupidest of things….an external USB HDD.

See, I’ve been needing to back things up for a while on a few of my devices (My wife’s laptop, my netbook and my main machine).  So I am finally in a position to get the added devices required(external USB DVD burner for the netbook, USB HDD for everything).  First issue was the DVD burner was missing a cable.  Had to go back and get that.  Annoying but it seems to be working now.

Now, when I got the USB HDD, I plugged it into my machine and backed some stuff up.  Knowing that simply copy/pasting LARGE amounts of files is generally a bad thing (because you never know exactly where it stops and when you are copying 70,000 files, you certainly don’t have time to figure out where it stopped/retry a whack of bad files.  So I did a short test and it worked fine.  I moved over to test out the windows backup program that these drives came with, on my wife’s laptop, worked fine.  When I went back to my system and plugged it in a few days later (actually, I had plugged it in, left it for about 5 days and got back to backing up again) my whole system froze.  I didn’t immediately suspect the drive because, why would I?  It had been working just fine earlier.  After about an hour I unplugged it and lo-and-behold, everything started working fine again.  WTH?!  I plug it in, freezes.  Unplug, unfreezes.  That ain’t right.

I plug it into my wife’s windows laptop, works fine.  Oh this sucks.  Why the hell is Debian freezing solid when windows just hums along?  Well I did what I could and let windows scan/repair any bad sectors.  That took a few hours on a 1TB drive.  When done, plugged it back in to my Linux machine and all was good.  Stupid.

So I backed everything up (well, only missed a few things….ugh, nothing critical, but mildly annoying) then my system went screwy again.  Not related to the USB HDD this time….but my video.  After some attempts and a reboot, things were still not better.  Well screw it, I was thinking of reinstalling as I could find no help anywhere with this.  So, I downloaded Unbuntu 13.04 (because I wanted to test out Steam and games) and installed that.

Ubuntu installed fine and updates took quite a while (must remember not to allow updates during install….would save me an hour or two waiting! Updates can be done later.).  Everything went fine.  Got Steam installed and then Steam had some issues with me buying a game.  Figures. Still waiting to hear from them.  So while I was waiting, I grabbed a freebie game and played with that for a while.  Worked fine and having a bit of fun.

Now, Ubuntu uses a new ‘fancy’ desktop called Unity.  Unity up and crashed on me.  Oh great.  I was able to fix it without much difficulty.  Ok, so that happens.  But when it happens a 3rd time and I could not even get to my desktop at all, well screw that.  I switched over to Linux Mint (which uses a fork of Gnome2 for a desktop, no fancy graphics here now) and so far it’s been awesome.  I’m working on customizing my desktop to look pretty without being/needing fancy graphics to do so.  that’s all I really wanted any ways.


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