Things I find gross


I Suspect that many of you have been to a CostCo at some point our another in your life. For those that haven’t, its basically a store where you buy things at a seeming discount price because it is suppressed to represent buying from a warehouse and not supermarket.  In reality, their prices are not really hugely different, but I digress.

One of the things rust CostCo had is a kind of restaurant.  Maybe Food Court might be a better description, in either case you can but a limited variety of food there.  In keeping with the cheap theme, you are given a cup to folk your own drink, get your own cutlery and condiments for your food.  One of those is chopped onions dispensed from a grinder-type of device.

“When is he going to get to the picture?!” You ask.  Soon.

Most people will put a bit of onions on their hotdog or whatever but this ours not the case here.  Oh sure, some people do but they are in a minority.  No, what Koreans do here in grind up a puke of onions, add in a ton of mustard and ketchup and make this really messed up salad dish.  THAT is what you are seeing in the picture on that plate. 

Now, what makes this worse, and I’m sure you are now wondering how this could be worse, are the Koreans who grind up many, piles of onions, wrap them individually in tinfoil, and take them home.  Not kidding.  I watched a lady do just that.  The Koreans severely abuse this system and yet CostCo doesn’t seem to care.  I think it kinda goes aweee bit beyond happening things for granted.

Onions are gross anyways.

Author: DragonDon

Having a love of travel has lead me to move to South Korea in 2010. Moving to an Eastern culture from a Western culture is a wild experience and there is never a dull day!

11 thoughts on “Things I find gross”

  1. haha, the first time I saw this I just did not get it. I couldn’t believe the need for Koreans to have a side dish or kimchi with every meal was that strong, but I guess it is? I still don’t really get it. But if you go to an Italian restaurant here, you’re given pickles in the center of the table too. Why? I guess it’s similar in a way. But I agree with you. Not my cup of tea and a huge waste in general I think. I’ve never seen anyone finish their whole gigantic plate of onions there, yet they still make a huge mess of them. -_-

    1. They do indeed. A Korean friends once said that onions are kind of expensive, but that only strengthens the argument of abuse I think. Meh, just one more thing to add to the blog :D

  2. Yes, this was strange the first time we saw it, as well.
    They love side dishes with their meals. So, even when they eat at Costco they take the opportunity to make a side dish out of the onions and whatever condiments. From the look of the giant onion turnstile contraption, I think Costco has it set up to be eaten in that way for their Korean clientele.

    1. But with Harvey’s you have to ask foyer picked, so there is a kind of conscious/socially acceptable amount you can ask for. Here its self-serve, no conscious needed.

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