Cassette tapes still alive in Korea.

The older generation has a hard time offering go here.


Yes, this store sells cassettes and CDs.


I never see anyone in third pave except the worker.  I wonder how much longer it will stay in business.

Author: DragonDon

Having a love of travel has lead me to move to South Korea in 2010. Moving to an Eastern culture from a Western culture is a wild experience and there is never a dull day!

30 thoughts on “Cassette tapes still alive in Korea.”

  1. One thing people in the US often forget is the rest of the world doesn’t always jump (or sometimes lacks the means to) to the latest technology.

    What sorts of music does this store carry?

    1. To be honest, I’ve never gone in it. Kinda feel weird walking into a place with a device (Galaxy Tab 8.9) that can probably hold the majority (7000) of the songs they have on the shelf…

      And yeah, they do jump here….the younger ones….the older ones are being forced as manufacturing of older tech is slowly phased out.

      1. I just remembered something, actually. Sometimes in the big box stores here in the US, you’ll find a company still putting out record players. It’s strange seeing them next to mp3 iHomes and modern stereos.

  2. It’s a bit sad… these changes are happening faster and faster, and it is hard for older people (such as myself) to adjust to all the changes…

    1. You only have to adjust if you want to :) Just don’t expect to be able to play Eminem songs on your cassette player LOL. Seriously though, sometimes it’s downright sad. Change has happened so fast that the wisdom on how to handle change has been ignored. A dangerous combination here in South Korea.

  3. Ach…I’ve seen 78’s dissappear, vinyle records…reel to reel tapes…8 tracks…cassettes and now it would seem that the solid state data pens will replace CDs and DVDs…mercy makes me feel ancient and I’m only 61!

    1. I should write an equivalent of things disappearing in the tech world but the list would be much longer because the change happens quicker there.

      1. Well, with CPUs, there hasn’t been too much ‘evolution’ per se. I see more of a ‘sideways’ movement. Putting more cores on one die is not that big of a deal. Far as I can tell, they have hit a physical limit on the technology and speed. While that can be potentially skewed if talking ‘computational power’ but the fact remains, CPU speed has pretty much stalled. Now they have they have to reply on ‘tricks’ to get more processing power. At some point they will run out of ‘tricks’ because there are only so many ‘cores’ (think individual cpus) you can put into one package. New tech will be needed to progress.

      2. So I’ve understood it..the last pentium 4s seemed to have a lot of problems I hear…will read your link…sounds interesting.

      3. It was just a link to a plot of cpu speeds over time. Just to point out the rather large bunch that is hanging out and around since 2005. Now the trend, that has been pushed to us, is ‘smaller’ because they can’t go any faster :) So let’s use smaller systems instead ;)

      4. Yes I saw. And yes smaller systems wouldn’t be such a bad idea…I still use XP and it works great without oodles of ram etc.

      5. XP was a decent system for sure. Before that, 2000 was a good one. Can’t speak for 7 or 8 though. Haven’t really used it….got 7 ‘starter’, which pisses me off the way they crippled the systems so that you’d have to pay more. Ah well. Linux now :)

      6. Well, it’s certainly a pretty unix and it works well. I use Debian (which Ubuntu is based from) but it takes more work for my needs. I’ve been downloading and testing out other flavours in Virtual Machines. LinuxMint is nice. MIght want to grab a LiveCD version and test that one out.

      7. Basically I’m still with microsoft because of all the work that is behind using Linux…I want something that I don’t have to go crazy over to get my needs covered…photography programs and pdf are essential for me, but I don’t want to spend a fortune on a computer either so no MacPro or whatever. As I said at the mo’ my computers work find with XP…I tremble at the though of having to replace them! (I use 2 for my personal use: desktop and netbook and then we have an old notebook we use to watch films on and play music…no TV) my husband and son have theirs and I’ve created a wireless home network so the computers can be used share things. All XP so no problems with compatibility.)

      8. That’s why you try a LiveCD first :) No install, just boot, run and play. When you get tired, reboot normally and no harm done.

      9. Yeah…that’s my little ‘yay’ guy :) There there is the ‘high-five guy’ o/ to which you need to response \o :)

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