More common #Korea style washrooms

Given the fact that the vast majority of businesses are non-chain stores, this means the quality of the bathroom varies a LOT…..usually on the low-end.  You have to expect this and deal with it to enjoy the really cool places.  It’s just part of being here.  Remember that post about live music?  While the place is an awesome experience, you have to deal with this.

Yes, that is a roofless ladies washroom.

And immediately beside this you’ll find the men’s.

Those are mothballs I think….smelled like it….

A small trade-off.  Sure it’s easier for guys to generally ignore this type of thing.  I didn’t bother looking into the women’s part.  Kind of afraid to actually…



Author: DragonDon

Having a love of travel has lead me to move to South Korea in 2010. Moving to an Eastern culture from a Western culture is a wild experience and there is never a dull day!

10 thoughts on “More common #Korea style washrooms”

  1. I have never visited Korea. I have, however visited China. While the hotels in which I stayed all had western style toilets most of the businesses had holes in the ground which took some getting used to. I am registered blind although possessing some very limited vision (I.E. the ability to see outlines of objects). I well remember going into a toilet in a Chinese zoo without any lighting and putting my foot straight into the toilet! lovely! Kevin

  2. Thank you for stopping by just fuffy.. and the like on hospice volunteer… I traveled Korea, mostly Seoul and the countryside there, decades ago as the country was industrializing. the Bando Arcade was the bamboo shopping mecca right outside the main western Hotel, the Chosun… When the Lotte was built and the bando dismantled, we thought we had hit the big time. no more open sewers running down the side of the streets… in the countryside, we designed and bought sweaters… the dyed garments were hung to dry in the fields with the buffalo, the prices were calculated by abacus… hyundai was already making cars and trucks…. what an adventure… stay safe….

    1. See, THAT kind of blogging would be cool to read! It would be an awesome compairson to read about! If you ever decide to write about it, I’d be happy to have you as a guest blogger! Unless you want to setup your own complete blog, then I’d simply reblog that. :) It would be the only stuff that I would ever consider doing so.

  3. ok, I am new to all of this… DD is helping me with linking and such, a new computer for some decent speed sounds necessary… so let’s do it… when I get back from vaca… mid May.. can we talk kimchee(sp) and the smell of garlic in elevators? the lack of light? and crazy drivers? that probably has not changed much! what has taken you to S Korea?

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