13 thoughts on “My #Korean teacher sings me happy birthday”

    1. Thanks for the nomination….I’ll have to consider this though. To find 15 more bloggers that I have a connection with will be….difficult. I just asked 11 others to do the same already, would be spamming if I did so again. I’m getting a sinking feeling that these awards are getting dangerously close to the WordPress of chain letters….if not there already.

      1. Doesn’t that kinda defeat the point of the award? Is this what bloggers do now? Accept these awards but don’t really follow their rules? This award-thing is all new to me. Just curious.

      2. nothing is compulsory I feel, its just a goodwill gesture,
        some people do not post it just accept it
        while many people oblige

        If you have few to nominate no problems 15 is not a mandatory figure

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