I just ordered my first pizza over the phone in #Korea! (Update)

There are many things you need to learn before you can call a place and order food.  Sure the basics of what to call the food you are order, and where you life along with how much will it cost.  There is always the unexpected questions that throw you for a loop because you simply don’t know what the person said or the person said it too fast for you to catch.  Luckily this was not the case here.  The guy seemed to understand a bit of obvious English (“delivery” for example, even though I looked up the word, I have a healthy distrust of Google Translate at times for context).

The other thing you need to know is your address.  This can be a challenge because Korea is poised to switch from block addressing to street addressing.  Block addressing is kinda neat.  Each city block is given a number and each building on that is given a number as well.  So you could be block #100 and building #2.  Pretty  easy once you know it but too limited with all the growth that Korea has been experiencing for the last 50 years.  Old houses going down, new building going up tend to mess with this addressing system it seems.  Now Korea is switching to a more modern street address.  Street name, building number on that street name.  Just about every building now has a new address on it but not everyone is using it.  This will take some time because of the plethora of GPS devices.  Every taxi has one.  Just about everyone with a car has one.  It is surprising how little the Koreans know about having to get around without knowing where they are going.  With street addressing, this will probably be easier as all you have to do is find the street and then it’s a matter of just watching the numbers go up/down as you drive.

Well, I was able to give my address to the guy in Korean so my pizza should be here in 30 mins.  It’s a little exciting that I can now order food (basic stuff, it’s not like there’s much you can add to a pizza order, unlike other places with tons of options).  So this is more than me just being slightly lazy, it’s is a good test of me being able to interact in a foreign country…even if it’s just to order pizza :)

I’ll update the post if when the pizza gets here ok :)


Holy Crap!!  That was fast!  No soon had I published this post than the guy arrived minutes later!


Something that is pretty cool about Korea.  You always get a drink with your pizza (or chicken even!) when you order it.  It is a weird world here when you go to a restaurant and there is nothing to drink but water at times.  Most have now added drinks (pop, soju) now and it seems they extended this idea to delivery food as well.  Fine by me.  And delivery cost of the pizza is the same as if you went to pick it up.  This ‘regular size’ , 24cm pizza, with the cute little stubby 245ml can of Coke, costs about $10.  The blue container is sliced pickles, there is a packet of Parmesan cheese and a packet of hot sauce.  I’ll use the cheese and coke, but the rest is not useful to me.

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