Americano does not have milk

Ok, let’s take a break from all the hyped-nasty stuff and talk about coffee.

Coffee is a drug

Coffee is a huge hit here.  So much so that when Canada’s national icon, Tim Hortons, came here, they decided against opening.  I suspect it was due to the fierce competition that exists.  When we lived in Seoul, we had not one but TWO major coffee chains in the first floor of our apartment building (Caffe Bene and Tom n Toms). within a one-block radio, there was 2 more major chains (Dunkin Donus and Yogerpresso).  Add one more block heading towards the subway station and you can throw in yet another major coffee chain (Ediya).  That means I can walk by 5 major coffee chains in a 3 minute walk to the train station!  How the heck can you compete against that??

Then there are the coffee types themselves.  See you can’t get a black coffee here, you can only get an ‘Americano’.  Which is black coffee.  The Koreans are genuinely shocked when I tell them they don’t call it Americano in America.  “Really?”  Oh I am so tempted to use that sheeple word again…..

And they also don’t use cream….ever.  If you want a coffee with milk…well….watch this xtranormal video.

That pretty much sums it up nicely if you walk into a coffee shop and want to order a ‘regular’ coffee.  Here there is a lot of self-serve, so if you want sugar in your coffee, you go to the self-serve stand, add in your own (they also have this cool liquid sugar, I find it mixes quick and better).    Don’t even think about asking for a ‘double-double’, you’ll just be greeted with blank stares.


Author: DragonDon

Having a love of travel has lead me to move to South Korea in 2010. Moving to an Eastern culture from a Western culture is a wild experience and there is never a dull day!

8 thoughts on “Americano does not have milk”

  1. Here in Mexico, black coffee is also known as an “Americano”. Then there is “cafe con leche” which is coffee with milk. It’s funny how that crosses borders. And an Americano has no milk.

    But you can add some creamer to it and it wouldn’t be cafe con leche, nor latte, nor cappuccino.

    1. It’s funny how black coffee outside of America is called Americano. For some reason, people think it is only them that drink it black. It is an odd phenomena.

      1. It’s only after I started living OUTSIDE of the US that I started drinking it black. My drink of choice before that was a triple mocha. Now, that’s too much sugar for me and prefer it black with a bit of brown sugar.

        It is rather strange. Mexico and Korea are much closer than I thought.

      2. I can’t stand it black. Too bitter for my tastes. Although, I have found it odd that with some sugar and cinnamon I don’t mind it.

        Your perception may be skewed because of the US influence I think. They got their hands in everything :/

  2. I haven’t heard ‘double double’ for a long time lol. we call them ‘dabang coffee’ there are few different coffee culture in Korea. It’s a wrong place to ask for , I hope you are used to it now. It’s like asking for side dish Kimchi when you’re order Korean BBQ dish at Catus Club (kinda?). On one of the TED TALK, An East Indian lady talked about similar experience, she asked for a sugar for her green tea. They said “No sugar in green tea”

    1. You have missed my cultural reference there. When Canadians say ‘double-double’, that means two sugar and two cream in our coffee. Dabang Coffee is wayyyyy different :D

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