Smuggling of Human Flesh Capsules on the Increase in #Korea. Even Reports of Dog Flesh?

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From RocketNews24:


Following the discovery in 2011 that the corpses of stillborn babies or infants that passed away shortly after birth were being turned into powdered form for purposes of human consumption, it has come to light that the same capsules are being smuggled into Korea. Incheon International Airport Customs and Excise Department made public the discovery on 31 March this year and several Korean news groups have been quick to report the news.

According to the same airport’s Customs and Excise Department, the amount of illegal health foods confiscated in 2012 totaled 1,715 items (486 kilograms). Of this figure, dead baby fetuses that were turned into pill-sized capsules, termed as “human flesh capsules”, made up a total of 47 cases. Perhaps even more alarmingly, a total of 20,663 of the capsules were confiscated in the same year; over twice the amount recorded in 2011. The problem becomes even more concerning when one considers that this year alone has already seen the confiscation of 3, 235 of the same items.

The capsules are produced and consumed by foreigners outside of Korea, but for purposes of being passed to friends residing in Korea they are often carried in hand luggage or sent via international mail. What’s more, while human flesh is admittedly the most shocking of smuggled ingredients, dog, cobra and toad flesh have also been discovered in powdered form inside of smuggled capsules. The extracts from toad flesh are known for its hallucinogenic properties. It is the first time that dog flesh has been confirmed among the confiscated items.

Human flesh capsules are smuggled into Korea via China and have a demand on Seoul’s black pharmaceutical market as medicine purported to be able to heal a wide variety of illnesses. Reports of demand for this type of flesh were first published in a Korean monthly magazine where they shocked many citizens around the world.

I remember reading about this in 2011.  It was shocking then but not surprisingly it is still around.  What also bugged me about this article is the fact that the wording they chose is both kinda stupid and seemingly pointing out that Koreans don’t do anything bad.

First the stupid wording.  “foreigners outside of Korea”  Huh?  Isn’t everyone outside of Korea a ‘foreigner’??  I’m thinking that this may have been a translated article and somehow they missed the meaning of just ‘people outside of Korea’.

Second, Koreans.  If this article wasn’t mis-translated, then it would lead to imply that ONLY foreigners outside of Korea are involved in ‘bad things<tm>’. We all know that Koreans never do anything wrong, right?

Sometimes I really wonder about RocketNews24 and their stories.

10 thoughts on “Smuggling of Human Flesh Capsules on the Increase in #Korea. Even Reports of Dog Flesh?

    • To be honest, you can obviously tell the media likes hype. “Human DNA” could really mean anything. Not sure if that makes it worse or better really…

      • True….very true. When you go to an Asian Country, you can pretty much throw out any ‘common sense’ in so many things….and the further you get away from ‘civilized’ areas, the more you throw out.

  1. All I gotta say is W.T.F.

    So here we have cannibalism turned 21st century.

    Truly nothing new under the sun eh?

    -Really like your blogs man.

    • Oh the things I see. You might want to keep an eye out on my Stuff Found blog ( I post some of the weird stuff that isn’t my direct experience buy still Asian in nature there occasionally.

      Thanks for reading dude! It’s fun to post up things that people just never get a chance to see here.

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