Giving #Korean Medicine a try (Update)

I cooked and ate some bad meat two days ago.  First time ever doing that and I think the Pork Cutlet I had after that didn’t help(greasy?).  Suffice to say my Sunday night didn’t end till 4 am and a rather watery regurgitation of the day’s intake.  I felt tons better and was finally able to get to sleep.  Next day I felt ok but still not quite right.  Didn’t eat too much but no reoccurrence of food coming out the wrong end.  Today I still don’t feel quite up to par so I decided to give some Korean Medicine a try.

First, I had to explain what I had done to the pharmacist.  That wasn’t too hard, I knew the word for ‘eating’ and Sunday, all I needed was ‘bad meat’.  A quick google translate and I was able to say “일요일 나쁜 고기 먹어요”.  Literally “Sunday bad meat eat”.  He asked if I had diarrhea and I said no, just a sore stomach.  This is what he gave me:

Korean Medicine

He said that I need to take two pills from each box, 3 times per day and drink this liquid.  I just drank the liquid and it’s not horribly unpleasant.  Not something I would drink casually but could have tasted worse :)  Pills have been taken as well now.  So we’ll see how this turns out in a day or so.  I’ll update as things progress.

Oh, and the total cost for this stuff….about $5.  Who needs to spend taxes on national coverage…this stuff is cheap!


Ok, it’s been 2 days since I started with the medicine.  It all finished yesterday.  I am feeling tons better, if slightly constipated but I just need to drink more water :)  Aren’t you glad you checked this update? ;)

Author: DragonDon

Having a love of travel has lead me to move to South Korea in 2010. Moving to an Eastern culture from a Western culture is a wild experience and there is never a dull day!

6 thoughts on “Giving #Korean Medicine a try (Update)”

    1. Heh, you already are and just don’t know it ;) Having been full aware of what my Canadian taxes went to, I would take having to pay, only when I needed, over the 50% of my total income going to taxes ANY day!

  1. Glad you’re feeling better.

    Here in Kanukistan that stuff works for Asians, especially the stuff available in Chinese pharmacies. It’s called “non-traditional” or “alternative” medicine. Which is stupid, backwards, and shows how the Western Allopathic practitioners have skewed the view. The herbs you take have thousands of years of trial and error behind them.

    Meanwhile, the incorrectly called “traditional” medicine focuses on symptoms only, using slash, burn. and poison techniques. Not that long ago these people were bleeding people to death to get the bad blood out. And a little before that they were drilling holes in people’s heads to let the evil spirits out.

    You’re SO much further ahead with Korean medicine.

    1. “were bleeding people” oddly, a practice that is still in use today, but obviously not quite so extremem. I’ve had it done to me once, wasn’t happy with the rather large bruise and the ever-so-slight skin discolouration that I have there now, so I don’t let them do that part any more. :) But overall, yes, the Korean/Chinese approach to things is better, cheaper and just works. I’m feeling pretty good today. Might even feel like eating more than just one piece of toast for breakfast :D

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