Exploring Sacheon, day #2

As much as moving is a pain in the ass, exploring a new area is fun and cool.  You just never know what, or who, you will find!

Take this guy for example:


He makes theses delicious banana bread treats.  Sure the banana flavour is nearly non-existent but that doesn’t matter.  He is a really nice guy, has given us two to try for free so we bought some.  He has done this twice now for us.  He knows a little English (hello/goodbye type of stuff) but is seriously friendly.  You just don’t get that kind of response back home any more.

Here is a close up of theses treats.


I was doing good with cutting back on bread products…looks like I’ll definitely have to use my bike more now!

Author: DragonDon

Having a love of travel has lead me to move to South Korea in 2010. Moving to an Eastern culture from a Western culture is a wild experience and there is never a dull day!

4 thoughts on “Exploring Sacheon, day #2”

      1. The “training” is nothing more than “read your contract, do this, don’t do that, oh and welcome to “. Then meet your co-teacher, meet school/principal, get dumped at your new place. About 2hrs all told.

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