I can almost see the end…(update 5)

It’s 2am here and we’ve called it quits for packing.  You know, despite knowing how far in advance, packing never seems to get done early enough…..


Why, oh why did I pack the peanut butter?  The only thing left to snack on are Kit Kat rip-off(Kik Ker)  chocolate twin-packs.  Well, better than a growling stomach I suppose…

Update 2:

So one small bit of chaos was thrown our way this morning (on the day that we move no less!).  We can’t go to the place we were suppose to go to till sunday now.  The plan was to go there Tonight and stay there till we leave for Sacheon.  Don’t know what happened but now we have a one day delay.  As far is issues goes, this is a small one, albeit rather annoying but we may have one small bit of luck and be able to stay in our current place one more night.

The cat has been safely bordered at a friend’s place till we can bring her back to Sacheon.  Saves us a ton of headaches trying to move her to Icheon and then Sacheon.  She is staying close to where we used to live in Uijeongbu so it was only a simple taxi ride there for her.

Now, let’s see if I can finally finish up the last of the packing in the next 3 hours….

Update 3:

So, moving truck came, got packed and left. Luckily the packing went quickly enough but we still had 10 boxes that would not fit on the truck. Pretty sad for a studio apartment. That and the trucks here are small. Ago we mailed them too the storage place and are now on the subway to said storage place too unload the truck. I finally got something too East after my bagel breakfast and large cafe latte for lunch. A 6000 won box of chicken is always good!

Update 4:

So one last little bit of chaos. We were told that we could stay in out current place tonight yesterday. Then wee get a call that the replacement teacher will need the place tonight. So we had to move to another vacant apartment 4 floors up that the school had saved for another teacher. Seems we still have too much crap and it took 4 trips total to bring it all upstairs. More stuff to mail to the storage area :/ oh, and we also got the notice 30 mins before they said we had to be out. :/

Update 5:

This deserved a post to itself. Read it here.

Author: DragonDon

Having a love of travel has lead me to move to South Korea in 2010. Moving to an Eastern culture from a Western culture is a wild experience and there is never a dull day!

5 thoughts on “I can almost see the end…(update 5)”

    1. And given that this is our 4th move in just over 2 years(the first one bein to Korea itself), it is getting rather tiresome…..reminds me of that George Carlin clip on “Stuff”

      1. Oh it would be nice to settle down but English teachers only get one year contracts and so far, my wife has not been able to find a pace where she can stay at for more than a year. Wee are hoping that the warmer south coast area will be better for us :)

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