Dreaming in Korean and a look to the future

So lately I’ve noticed an interesting shift in my dreams.  Korean is becoming part of them.  One might think that it is an obvious thing to happen but it has taken nearly 2.5 years for such a thing to do so.  Maybe it’s because I hadn’t fully accepted my need/desire to learn to speak and understand the Korean culture here.  I have made many Korean friends and been asking more and more questions on their culture and attitudes.  No I haven’t been doing any “horse dancing” in them but I have spoken a little Korean in my dreams.  It is an odd thing to experience I find.  Not bad…just….odd.

Now we are moving in about a week from today.  It’s going to be a very strange move because we have to do it twice.  I am more concerned about my poor cat, who will not understand too moves, let along the 5hr drive south to the new home.  Packing is coming along slowly but luckily it should be better.  It has taken us these many moves (since we left Canada) to slim down on our stuff.  I think this move will last quite a while.  Heck, I already like the temps that are being predicted for our new city.  Nearly 100% in the positives for the next week but Seoul is still hovering around 0m +/- 4C.  Sacheon is about +3degC warmer on average it looks like.  We will literally be moving right into spring weather :D

I read this article on China called “The awakening of the Chinese Dragon” and one quote from it sums up the general Asian mentality it seems.

“You can be rich and enjoy the good life as long as you do not interfere in politics.”

This is going to be Asia’s biggest challenge, regardless of which Eastern country you live in.  That single statement has a serious problems.  See, the whole point of politics is that it represents the will of the people (in a Democratic world that is).  When you have the largest population in the world, your control over them has a finite time.  You cannot stop the inevitable.  You cannot stop them from learning that they can be more free to do as the other countries around the world do.  Trying to keep things otherwise is doomed to failure.  South Korea has been following the West’s concept, with a slight twist.  The people believe they have more freedom now than they did just a few short decades ago.  To some extent this is true but it is a limited perspective.  The amount of debt is insane now.  How can anyone have freedom that is based purely on the debt they accumulate every single paycheck they ‘earn’?  They have not been told the truth about money and this is simply another time-bomb waiting to explode as well.

For me, I can only hope to help educate people and get them more in balance.  Koreans (Asians) are way too left-brained orientated and my goal is to open a school that caters to the starving right-brain that I see.  I have started with my Open Brain House and plan to see this concept grow.

Author: DragonDon

Having a love of travel has lead me to move to South Korea in 2010. Moving to an Eastern culture from a Western culture is a wild experience and there is never a dull day!

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