Moving in Korea

There are many things that are similar between Korea and Canada.  The first is moving.  Everyone had to move at some point in their life.  So we pack up our things, sell what we don’t need and give away other stuff.  Korea is no different in this respect.  Usually English teachers have a lot less stuff to move because now the airlines only let you bring one suit case as opposed to two in previous years. What is hard is when you leave a house and move to a bachelors apartment.  Our first place was tiny.  It got even more ridiculous when we had to hang laundry on a rack because dryers are a rare thing fort people to have here.  A part of that whole conservatism mentality.

Our second pace was nearly twice the size of our first place.  So we went a but far to populate it with done typical home trappings.  We bought a dining table for the kitchen area, some extra dressers to put our clothes in and such.  Then, our third place was a size between our first and second.  So we had to downsize again.  Luckily I have a place that we could put unused shelves (see Don’s Open Brain House) and we sold one of the dressers.

Now we are facing our forth place and we have no idea how big it is.  Because of the town its in, we suspect it should be bigger than our current place but smaller than our previous, we just don’t know.  So we will be downsizing a little and at least hope there is room for us to bring our bikes at least.

Now the next problem is time. See, my wife’s next contract starts on the first of March but her current contract ends on the 23rd.  That is a nice big gap on limbo to be in with stuff and a cat.

So here the story on the plan.

Like any other job adopting phase, you never know of or when any potential jobs show up. So you apply too many jobs that you think might be a good match for you. My wife was offered a job in Icheon and she emailed a reply that should accept. Remember that arrogant interviewer I mentioned? Guess what, he offered my wife the job. This job is a better one than the Icheon one and will help out her career more, not to mention a higher pay. The only downside is that it is a little bit more remote. Still, only 2hrs from Busan, and about 30 minutes from the noticeably bigger town of Jinju. When faced with this situation, what would you do? Keep the one you only said you would take (no signed contract yet) our take the one that you really do want?

This is where you have to choose to either adapt to your environment or give in to your soft side. My wife choose to adapt and accepted the more remote job. Sure, no one likes to leave someone else hanging and my wife is no different. One must keep in mind that theses recruiters are only out for themselves and none else. Once you have your job you are generally on your own. Yes there are decent recruiters out there that you can talk to and keep in touch with but they are few and far between. Now, that being said, my wife happened to learn that a teacher friend of hers is looking for a job in Icheon! She passed along the info to the recruiter and it looks like that person got the job. Everyone was taken care of, which is more than what I can say about some recruiters.

So, how does this relate to moving? You know that week where we are in limbo? We really only had one concern, our cat. I really don’t want to leave her alone in some uncaring cat hotel. There are few teachers here that want to look after another animal in their own home, so I was getting a little concerned but had faith that an answer would show. I’ll give you three guesses who offered for us to stay with her for a week, and the first two guesses don’t count. Yep, that teacher who got the job my wife turned down. As for our stuff, the recruiter we are now using has a storage area that we can put our stuff in for the time we need before we move. Everything had set itself up nicely :D

Keep an eye out for an update on this processes as it unfolds over the next few weeks.

Author: DragonDon

Having a love of travel has lead me to move to South Korea in 2010. Moving to an Eastern culture from a Western culture is a wild experience and there is never a dull day!

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