Wow, Korean interviewing arrogance

My wife is currently seeking for a new teaching position because her current school decided that their teachers have to have an Educational degree to teach at their Elementary school.  I covered this briefly here but basically it’s a PR move.

My wife had a Skype interview and I had nowhere else to be so I just sat on the bed, out of view, and played a game on my Galaxy Tab and listened to the interview.  The interviewer, a Korean guy who spoke fluent English, was asking some very direct and significantly professional questions.  Speaks to his background and thoroughness but I felt that it was a little too much at times.  Regardless, no my place to tell him how to do his job.  Then came the kicker.  After one hour of interviewing they got onto the topic of “What happens if you were offered another position?  Are we your first choice?”  My wife, answering honestly because she is like that, said “No, you are my second choice.”  He then replied “If we are not your first choice then are we both wasting our time here?”

Wow, what arrogance?!  Seriously?  You only want to interview people who think you are your first choice?  This gets even more wild because he said he has taught in Korea as well.  Makes me wonder if he only ever applied to one school between jobs.  Absolutely ludicrous to think that you should only be interviewing people who want you and only you.

Most people don’t think beyond their own little world.

Update: My wife shortly (like literally 2 mins) after getting off Skype with him, from the recruiter.  The recruiter told her that the interviewer liked her.  Truly surreal.  I told my wife that she should have told the recruiter “Am I your #1 candidate for hiring?  No?  Are we both wasting our time here?”

Author: DragonDon

Having a love of travel has lead me to move to South Korea in 2010. Moving to an Eastern culture from a Western culture is a wild experience and there is never a dull day!

4 thoughts on “Wow, Korean interviewing arrogance”

  1. I can totally see what questions were asked and how direct and even impolite the recruiter could have been. I haven’t lived in Korea since graduating from high school except some months last year. I briefly worked for this “Hag-Won” that’s supposed to be very good and all moms want their kids to be in. There, I witnessed and experienced all nasty stuff that I only heard from other Koreans and fellow English teachers. I couldn’t last for more than 6 months… Like I wrote in my blog, there definitely is a cultural difference between Korea and U.S/Canada in terms of what they look for from a potential employee and how they go through the employment process. Some Koreans I met in the U.S didn’t like the work environment here and went back to Korea… :S

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