Visit to a LED Art display

I read about this LED art display and decided to check it out.  As always, the subway ride provides a form of amusement for me. Today some ajoshi was telling at a sitting passenger because she was sitting when older people were standing.  None of them were caring but this guy decided to speak up.  Even the other ajoshis were telling him not to bother because they didn’t care. He wasn’t even looking to sit, he was just walking by and got bent out of shape.

Korea can be a land of contradiction for me. They practically legislate respect for elders but could care less for cleaning up after themselves in a restaurant.  My mother always taught me to clean up.  I learned that “leave a place cleaner than when you arrived and you’ll always be invited back” while I was in Air Cadets.  Here they parents coddle their children and third leads to a compete lack of respect for people they don’t know.  This is definitely a culture clash for me.

Despite there’s being foreigners here fort many years, done of the older generation are stunned. They just stare unapologetically. The middle agers are obviously nosy and crane their necks to sees what the “waygooks”(foreigner) is buying today at the supermarket.

Back to our trip. I like visiting new places, even if its just a new subway station. Each station here has its own character. This one is no exception.



Can you realm that we are near a palace? :) We are also near the Blue House. Korea’s version of the US White House. Also, it is no surprise that a $4 coffee is $6 in this area. Not so much torus but more just high Trent when right beside a palace. Good coffee though.


Ok, the LED art display was a bust. I mean it was nothing a special. Just some computers running through a projector for most of it. The other party was kinda cool. We weren’t stopped to take any pics. Oops.




To be honest, there was more skill in the subway art tthan in the art gallery. Heck, I saw more skil in some of the art things for sale in the coffee shop! Here’s a vid I took of the last one.


Hard to see but that little screen has a hand with drumming fingers playing.

After that disappointing 5 mins, we decided to try some of the other art galleries in the area. Only mildly better really.


Sequins, sequins and more sequins.


The wired frame piece was the only really cool thing I saw.

I really should put up some of my own art. Sooner of the stuff I saw was down right sad. No real though into it, I have seen 6th graders do better.

Well, so much for this day trip.


Author: DragonDon

Having a love of travel has lead me to move to South Korea in 2010. Moving to an Eastern culture from a Western culture is a wild experience and there is never a dull day!

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