Crazy religious Guy

So I was at a McDonalds the other day and saw this guy doing some pretty OCD stuff. I of course immediately got on twitter and started live reporting what I saw for about an hour. Here are the tweets, plus a pic :)

From Random Korea 2012


Wow, the guy is seriously into his article making. I just made out the work ‘Satan’ in Korean. It’s like right out of a Hollywood film!

I got a vid of it, but stupid Android hardwires uploads only for wifi…. # (Sigh, I think I deleted it by accident, ah well)

I’m hanging around out of curiosity. This is truly bizarre #

It’s like watching a scrapbooking reality TV show. #

There are all kinds of handwritten notes in his bible. It is well used. #

I can make out some Korean that translates to “knoweth the son” on the writing he is adding #

Wow, the article he has pasted to a plain piece of paper title is ??? “bullshit” #

Now he back to looking in the bible #

I saw a pic of some white guys. I could make out one of them with a cross on a necklace. He did look kinda evil, in a Tim Burton Santa way #

If anyone is around, I’ll consider doing a short GTalk or even Bambuser shot. Don’t want to be tooo obvious :-) #

I’m sure I could use this stuff for a film! #

He’s bringing out more newspaper articles! #

I think he just dumped one on the floor beneath my chair… #

To his credit, the McDonalds’ tables are small #

Ooooh, he’s found something to cut out! #

My bad. He’s piled the discards right beside his chair. I kinda want to go home but am rather fascinated by this…. #

Lacking white out, he simply cuts a piece of paper and pastes it over his mistakes. Clever indeed. #

He’s Back to scouring the bible again. #

Uh oh. He’s put the marker away but back to scouring the Bible again #

Felt tip marker back out! #

His Bible is old school Korean. Reads top to bottom. #

I think he wrote out a section title ??:13 but the translation doesn’t work. A little hard to read handwriting but his is printed and neat #

Well, I think I’ve had enough fun. This experience will be condensed on my blog later. #

Goodbye #crazyreligiousguy #

Author: DragonDon

Having a love of travel has lead me to move to South Korea in 2010. Moving to an Eastern culture from a Western culture is a wild experience and there is never a dull day!

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