The Korean Adventure Begins!

So, finally unloaded the vast bulk of my Canadian material life and headed out for good.

Got up bright and early this morning, 4:30am, and hit the road by 5:15. My parents got me to Toronto Int’l easily and mom didn’t have a complete break down….she’s strong, she’ll do fine with me in another country. Of course, I got many admonishments of “email me every day, even just to say ‘hi, I’, doing fine’ “.

I met up with my buddy who is flying with me to Korea (it’s awesome having the chance to only pay $150 and a friend who works for Air Canada). After a bit of a mad scramble to get one suitcase under the 25Kg limit (can’t even pay for overweight on Employee Standby) we got on the plane just fine.

So, we got an outside row and my friend got the aisle seat, I got the middle, and a big angry guy was sitting by the window. How do I know he was angry? Oh that was easy. 30 seconds after I sat down he pounded the arm of the chair, where his headphones were plugged in, three times. After that I guess he had sound for his videos. Never said anything and I even caught him chuckling during his Dinner for Schmucks movie. maybe he was identifying with the plot and/or characters….

The flight to Vancouver was on a Boeing 777. Nice plane, pretty high-tech. Each seat had their own screens and a rather large choice of movies/TV shows/music/radio to choose from. The music was actually albums and you could even make a play list from any of the albums to listen to. There wasn’t a lot of music I was overly impressed with so I just settled for “Feels Good” by Tony, Toni, Toné replayed a few times. Then I moved onto a movie. Decided to check out The Karate Kid, it was pretty good but those of us who saw the original kinda knew the ending. There was a rather interesting but kinda lame reference to wax on/wax off but it was subtle if you didn’t catch it.

The flight was rather unremarkable otherwise. I did get a bad headache, taken care of by a couple of Advil, and one trip to the bathroom. It was good to get up a stretch during the just over 4hr flight, even if to use the ‘vacuum powered’ toilets.

So I’m now in Vancouver Airport, finished some A&W food and killing some time before the next leg of the journey. Will update again once I am on foreign ground!

Author: DragonDon

Having a love of travel has lead me to move to South Korea in 2010. Moving to an Eastern culture from a Western culture is a wild experience and there is never a dull day!

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